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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nivio - India's Answer to Google's GDrive

Free online storage from NivoLite

While Google lovers anticipate the arrival of GDrive, some others are already offering storage in the online space. One of the newest online storage space providers is NivioLite Free, an online computing utility that offers free online storage and backup facility.

NivioLite Free is offering a measly 1GB storage capacity in the times when Microsoft already has its Skydrive in place which offers 25GB of online storage -- at no cost.

How much can 1GB of storage house? Around 200 songs or 400 photos, says NivioLite's developers. If you need anything more than 1GB, you will have to purchase the extra space for 3 pounds to access Nivio's full service. With the upgrade you will get full access to Nivio s virtual Windows Desktop where one can create and edit files. This also includes the nDrive - a user intuitive tool that facilitates an easy and quick transfer of files between a local computer and the Nivio online desktop.

It isn't difficult to acquire hundreds of music files over a little period of time, and 1GB would definitely not suffice. This new service seems to be for the ignoramus as only those who do not know about the existing high-capacity online storage facilities would want to bother to register for a 1GB storage service.

On another note, 10-year old Yahoo Briefcase service which offers users 25MB of storage will be shutting on March 30. Unless newbie NivioLite plans to offer a mass-appealing online storage capacity, it could remain the storage house for a niche segment of users.


Filip said...

Hi Siva,

I work for, which offers easy and secure file sharing, wherever you are. I read your post on Google's GDrive and Nivio with great interest and just wanted to add NomaDesk to the mix.

NomaDesk, trusted by mobile (“nomadic”) businesses for several years now both in Europe and the U.S., has similar features such as the ones you mention. We are convinced that the more data gets synchronized, the more likely it gets compromised. Therefore, NomaDesk includes an encrypted virtual drive that keeps your files securely available off-line and remote file shredding and IP-tracking with TheftGuard. Of course, we impose no limits on storage and bandwidth.A Mac version is on its way.

NomaDesk works with a local client and allows access to your files from anywhere on the web. We have very good reasons to work with a local client, next to the already "traditional" web interface (e.g.,, the late Xdrive, etc.):

(1) 100% availability of the data, regardless of network quality
(2) 100% performance when editing files, using any type of program
(3) 100% simplicity; just drag-n-drop files to synchronize and share them
(4) 100% security on the PC also: the virtual drives that NomaDesk creates on the PC are encrypted and can be shred remotely via our online TheftGuard service.

The bulk of our users, which are SOHO and SMB teams, appreciate the straightforward and secure file sharing they get through using the NomaDesk client software. You should know that in most cases NomaDesk replaces the traditional file server, FTP and VPN - with success!

Please let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards,

Siva said...

Hello Filip,

Thank you for your Visit.
So How can I help you Now?
What do you need from Me?

Anonymous said...

Nomadesk sounds interesting. Thought you might like to hear a news update on this from my client, Nivio. The nDrive is due to launch in mid-February while NivioLite is currently live. Visit for further details

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