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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Google, NASA Launch Univ of Future

Preparing for an age when computers will be cleverer than humans
Google and NASA are already preparing themselves for the day when computers will be smarter than humans, according to a news report. The tech honchos have come together for a new university that will prepare scientists for an age when computers will be cleverer than humans.

Singularity University, as it will be known, will be based in NASA's Silicon Valley campus and will host its first class of 30 graduates this summer. This university aims to prepare future scientists for the time when machines use artificial intelligence to become sharper than human beings. It will help them to develop machines that would aid humans instead of harming them.

Google has already donated more than $1 million, and numerous other major companies are planning contribute at least $2,50,000.

We all know that we rush for to machines even when we are in the smallest dilemma. Machines have become our saviors in this modern age where we can trust a computer more than what we trust our fellow human beings. However, the day when these machines completely replace humans and become cleverer than us is not far away.

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