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Saturday, July 26, 2008

21-27/07/08 week's website

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Guerilla Mail

Genre: Temporary Email

Why It's The Best: Sometimes the web site has the best description of their site. "This web site provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame." Also, if you need more time you can just give yourself 15 more minutes. Never have to give out your own email address again, or create another junk address, this web site does it for you!

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Genre: Free File Hosting and Sharing

Why It's The Best: It's pretty simple really, you can host up to 5GB file sizes free and quickly!

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Hacking Firefox


Computer Shopper Magazine August 2008


Computer Shopper Magazine August 2008 | PDF(file-100pages) | 21.2mb(rar)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema


Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema (Digital Cinema Industry Handbook Series)
3.9 MB | PDF |

Windows Vista Annoyances: Tips, Secrets, and Solutions


Book description Windows Vista may be the next big thing, but it still contains enough quirks and unaccountable behaviors to vex anyone. This unique guide not only discusses the most irritating features of the latest Microsoft operating system and how to get around them, but also explains how to improve Windows and do more with the software than microsoft intended. You'll find information on setup, installation, upgrade from other Windows versions, the revamped interface, new security features, user accounts, troubleshooting, and the markedly improved Internet Explorer 7.

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Spyware is software that is capable of performing certain operations on your computer without your consent, such as displaying advertisements, collecting your personal information, or changing the configuration of your computer.

Other types of unwanted software can alter to your computer with results ranging from minor annoyances to causing your computer to slow down or crash. These programs have the ability to change your Web browser's home page or search page, or add additional components to your browser you may not need or want. These programs also make it very difficult for you to change your settings back to the way you originally had them. These types of unwanted programs are often labeled as spyware.

Malware, or malicious software, is designed specifically to damage your machine or interrupt the normal computing environment. A trojan horse, worm or virus could be classified as malware. Some advertising software can be malicious by trying to re-install itself after you have removed it.

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