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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Phishing Mail like Axis Bank

Hi Everyone, Be aware of phishing mails from others yesterday i got a mail from some one as Axis Bank Alert From Luckily my Hotmail Account already Moved to Junk Box . (I don’t Have Axis Bank account )

Security tips

1. If you find any mail in Junk box check twice whether the mail came from known person
2. If you are using famous mail service like yahoo, Live(Hotmail), Google it will automatically find out the phishing mail and it will notify you

3. If you are using Hotmail it will notify with you with the above shown Picture with cross
balloon .
4. when there is any links in the mail please notify that whether it goes to the original link or any other link.

5. You can see two links like axis bank links which shows like Savings Account and Corporate
6. If you Move Cursor Over the Links it will not go to the other phishing pages as shown as
identification - 2
7. If you have opened the Links unknowingly then check whether the URL is correct address.
8. In case if you have FireFox Browser 90% Firefox Browser will find out the Fraud links

9. If you are using Firefox it will find out the web Forgery link
10. My best Advice watch every URL when you browse through official / Financial sites

Antivirus - a new hacker tool!

We firmly believe that antivirus help us from vulnerable attack and protect us.
antivrius hacking tool

But the recent report of IIT Kharagpur(India) engineers is inform that hacker using antivirus as a hacking tool. Mostly they use free antivirus like AVG, F-Secure(F-Port), Sophos, ClamAV, BitDefender, Avast or any such easy to download antivirus software for PC.

“An attacker first crafts an email with malicious payload and sends it to the target user. When the email is scanned by the vulnerable antivirus software it either crashes the antivirus software or executes arbitrary code resulting in complete security bypass and remote system compromise,” said iViZ vice-president Bala Girisaballa.

Now the time is rethink to use free antivirus. The antivirus companies have to change their thought on antivirus to think that it is an install-and-forget system. And user have to give review about product if they face any problem so that the companies try to fix it in next release.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Want to convert your current image or photo to cartoon?

BeFunky is a FREE online image tool that can transform images to cartoon style.
You don't need to be an expert to use it. The choices are simple and easy. You can adjust your image with different kind of results.

They have:
* Cartoonizer - an online application that allows users to turn images and videos into digital paintings, cartoons and comics.

* Uvatar – a digital visual identity tool that takes the avatar concept to an extraordinary new level by letting users create a more accurate digital representation of themselves.

You can upload your image from desktop, url and even a snapshot via webcam (this is cool!).

After uploaded your photo, they have more tool option:
- Sketch: to create a black and white pencil drawing of the photo
- Color: to make sketches look colorful
- Warp: to push and pull any area of an image
- Goodies: ability to add fames, speech baloons, text, graphics, shapes and more

You can see the sample from Mr James Bond (Daniel Craig) images below.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Paste your Face on Popular Photos

Paste your face on popular photos and attract your friends and relatives .

Paste your Face on Popular Photos

Create fun photos with Faceinhole and share with your friends, blogs etc..

just select the theme which you like it and upload the photo which you like to mask it with Faceinhole and apply the settings etc click save. you will get the HTML code to share with Friendster, Orkut, Myspace, blog etc..

Faceinhole is similar to photofunia which allows to create fun photos without any software.

Visit :

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