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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama, McCain Cyber-attacks have Chinese Origins?


Government officials in the US suspect that a series of attacks on the US Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain's campaign computer networks originated from China.

The attacks happened earlier this year when campaigning was in full swing; a large amount of information was successfully downloaded from the candidates' networks -- an attempt to learn in detail about the candidate's policies.

The officials at the moment are tight-lipped about the perpetrators who carried out these attacks. They have however stated that there is no confirmation if the acts were government-sponsored or an attention seeking attempt by a team of hackers.

The details were first revealed by Newsweek, which had then reported that the FBI and US Secret Service agents had informed the Obama team about the attacks and that there were doubts about possible Russian or Chinese hand behind the attacks. The Bush administration, since the breach, has ramped up cyber-security across all government organizations.

This comes barely an year after the Chinese military managed to hack in to the Pentagon systems -- the 2007 hack was thought to be the most serious security breach ever of the US Military's computer network.

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